The Best 10 Flamenco Clubs Around Granada

You can’t visit Spain without enjoying a world class flamenco show, and Granada hosts some of the best flamenco performances in the country. 

With meager signage for Eshavira Club, you might be tricked into thinking that it’s no place special. Actually, this is the most authentic flamenco joint in Granada, with dancers from some of the most established flamenco families.  [Read more…]

Flamenco and Seville – The perfect Combination

Fantastic article from Brendan Sainsbury about Seville’s Flamenco Dance Culture:

Seville flamenco Spain

Flamenco is in Seville’s blood.

Infusing Spanish folklore with sounds from the Levant, North Africa and India, flamenco music was popularised in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries in western Andalucía. One of its hotbeds was Seville’s working class district of Triana, a bastion of Andalucía’s Roma people who sang evocatively about their lives and struggles in solemn but sensuous laments.

via BBC – Travel – Seville’s legendary flamenco scene : Cultural Activities, Seville.