Malaga chef gets his Michelin star back

A young chef in Malaga was recently once again awarded a Michelin star in the most recent rounds of such honours.

Jose Carlos Garcia first won a Michelin star in 2002 when he ran the Cafe de Paris restaurant, and in this year’s new awards was one of the few southern chefs to be honoured in this way, most of the stars having gone to restaurants in the north of Spain. [Read more…]

The Best Taco in Madrid

This short and funny article is an homage to a particular taco restaurant in Madrid, called Taquería Mi Ciudad. [Read more…]

Paella Valenciana – Food to Die For in Valencia

Valencia is known for a lot of things. Probably most important is its reputation as the origin of paella, the wonderful seafood dish we have all come to love.

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Traveling the Different Way – Fiesta Del Mosto in Colmenar

Colmenar (originally named Colmena de Abeja) is a city known for its luxurious honey production… and the Festival of Grape Must and Pork Produce!

This article talks about one of the most decadent Spanish festivals full of pork products like Jamón and peppered meat products, homemade honey from the region, and delicious wines. Because Colmenar is a small town, it’s unlikely that you know where to stay off the top of your head. [Read more…]

Christmas Food in Spain – Truely Mouthwatering

Spain is a great destination for food lovers year-round, but if you’re lucky enough to be planning a vacation to Spain for Christmas, you should prepare yourself for the nation’s Christmas delicacies.

This article made me a little bit hungry with lovely descriptions of Spain’s most common holiday meals. The list ranged from tapas that are typically only enjoyed on special occasions such as Jamón Serrano to the heartiest soups in Spain at Christmastime.

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If a Spanish Wine Cellar is Worth a Million Euro

elBulli is a world acclaimed restaurant in Spain; open for over 25 years and shocking diners with consistently innovative and delicious food, the fact that it closed last year is truly a sad day in the culinary world.

The wine cellar of elBulli was curated by Juli Soler, and there are some true gems in the cellar that contains over 8,800 bottles of wine. This is a fun read about some of the most unusual and expensive items for sale from elBulli’s wine cellar. [Read more…]

The Best 5 Wine Locations At The Spanish Costa Blanca

Don’t think always about wines from Rioja when you think about Spain. In this excellent article, Carol Byrne shows you the impressive wine resorts you will find around the Costa Blanca area. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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The Top Tapas Bars in Barcelona

Lets find the best tapas bars in Barcelona.

tapas, barcelona, spain [Read more…]

Spain … Migas ? What ?

You might be forgiven for thinking that Migas is a Spanish holiday destination.

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Murcia The No.1 Producer Of Seedless Table Grapes In Spain

Murcia is a major producer of table grapes and this is one crop which is achieving continued growth, table grape exports in the region increasing by more than 61 percent in the last ten years, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water. [Read more…]

Looking for the best red wines from Catalonia

Interesting read..


El Penedès, Catalonia’s cava country, is now also home to a range of award-winning red wines. Here’s where to get a taste …

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Mantecados Spanish Christmas Cookies – Recipe

Getting ready for Christmas… with a bit of spanish style…:

Light and with a delicate anise flavor, words will not do them justice. You’ll have to make them to see why they are a Spanish favorite and why no Spanish home is without “mantecados” at Christmas! [Read more…]

Manchego, migas and biscuit-selling nuns in small-town Spain

A wonderful travel report from Alice Azania Jarvis about , little known area in Spain

Early morning in Trujillo, and the Plaza Mayor is in full swing. [Read more…]

Hidden Favourite Places in Madrid

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Merry on the sherry: Raising a glass to Spain’s most delicious export in joyful Jerez