British Are The Largest Buyers Around The Costa

These are two short articles about the Spanish property market.

The first one suggests that British cash buyers aged between 40 and 55 form the majority of foreign non-resident buyers of Spanish property on the Costa Blanca. [Read more…]

Bargain: 160000 Euros and You get a Permanent Residency in Spain

Great news from the Spanish Government, as they seek to introduce new measures to boost their lagging property markets in the country.

The Government has introduced a new scheme that will offer residency permits to foreigners who buy homes in Spain worth €160,000 or more.

This is great news for Russian and Chinese people, who have had a hard time entering Spain previously, even if they already owned property in the country. [Read more…]

Finally… it Looks Like the Housing Market gets back up in Spain… well sort of ?

If you live in the US or another western European country, you’re probably used to relying on the Internet for ample information on real estate and shopping in general.

In countries like Spain, however, e-commerce hasn’t really been developed, and real estate agents rarely utilize the web as a way to find potential buyers.

Because Spain is such a beautiful country, there will always be a demand to purchase property here, and Realtor Graham Hunt is working to shift real estate to the Internet, to access wider audiences. [Read more…]

New Legislation – Buy A House In Spain And You Get Your Residency For Free

Have you ever wanted to live in Spain? Read about Spain’s new home-buying proposal for foreigners, which comes complete with a residency permit!

Because Spain’s real estate market is struggling, Spanish officials are looking for ways to kick start real estate investment. If foreign real estate buyers spend a minimum of 160,000 euros (£130,000 pounds or $209,482) on Spanish property, they are eligible for residency permits.

[Read more…]

It’s Tax Time for Foreign Property Owners in Spain

If you own property in Spain as a non-resident, it is time to get your IBI property tax declaration done.

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