How to Avoid the Crowd at La Rambla in Barcelona

If you’ve been to Barcelona or you’re planning a trip, you’re probably aware that La Rambla is a huge attraction for most visitors.

This article provides some useful and intriguing tips for avoiding the massive crowds found at La Rambla and truly embracing the Spanish lifestyle.

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Discovering Barcelona With 2 Teens


This article is a wonderful snapshot of some of the things that Barcelona has to offer, and it’s written from a unique perspective: a traveler with two teens.

A city that has truly stood the test of time, parent and teens were able to find enjoyable experiences and common ground in Barcelona, visiting some truly amazing architectural masterpieces like Gaudí’s standout church, La Sagrada Familia. [Read more…]

Castells A Fascinating Spanish Tradition

This article is a fascinating introduction to a quirky Spanish tradition: castells. Called castells by the villages that construct them, these are vertical towers of villagers.

That’s right- vertical. As you can imagine, this tradition takes a lot of work, and villages are often competitive when constructing their castells. Castellers have a motto: strength, balance, courage and common sense.

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Shopping Tips Barcelona: The Top 10 Shops for Bargains

Barcelona is one of the best shopping cities in Spain. You can find everything you need in the city, from the quirky and weird to the modern and vintage.

This article goes through the best shops in the city for finding a bargain. They include every type of shopping need on the list, from food and sweet shops to vintage clothes and even, a magic shop. [Read more…]

5 Great New Places To Stay In and Around Barcelona

Barcelona has always been a hot spot for those visiting Spain, and now it has even more to offer tourists. Innovative hotels in Barcelona are beginning to crop up to ensure that your stay in Barcelona will be riveting.

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Catalonian Pyrenees – Here is Your Important Packing List

For some travelers, packing is a difficult task when they get to take three huge suitcases and stay in posh hotels.

For this writer and editor, backpacking is the way to see the Spanish Pyrenees, and she gives us some excellent tips for packing for the diverse activities available in the Pyrenees.

Cool travel additions like water resistant envelopes to store your passport, IDs, and tickets in seem like really wise choices for international travel, and now they’re field tested! [Read more…]

If a Spanish Wine Cellar is Worth a Million Euro

elBulli is a world acclaimed restaurant in Spain; open for over 25 years and shocking diners with consistently innovative and delicious food, the fact that it closed last year is truly a sad day in the culinary world.

The wine cellar of elBulli was curated by Juli Soler, and there are some true gems in the cellar that contains over 8,800 bottles of wine. This is a fun read about some of the most unusual and expensive items for sale from elBulli’s wine cellar. [Read more…]

DoubleTree by Hilton Expands in Spain With New Hotel Near Barcelona

The DoubleTree hotel line is probably familiar to those travelers who live in the United States or much of Western Europe.

The Hilton brand has recently made its mark on Spain, and it’s looking to open the second DoubleTree hotel in the country in order to continue to expand their services.

As this article details, you can expect the new DoubleTree to go overboard on luxury, with a new all day fine dining restaurant and luxurious spa (five treatment rooms!) near Barcelona. [Read more…]

The Other “Green” Side of Barcelona

You might not notice it when you first arrive, but Barcelona is full of lush greenery. Because the city is so full of movement and activity, you might not notice all of the green areas.

Check out this awesome guide to the parks and green oases of Barcelona!  Collserola Park is by far the largest park in the Barcelona area with over 8,000 hectares of greenery. You can hike, bike, and enjoy the wildlife.

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How to avoid Pickpockets in Barcelona Spain

As wonderful as traveling to exciting new locales can be, there are always con artists out there who will try to take advantage of tourists. Don’t stop traveling- just read articles like this one, which give you a list of specific things to look for while traveling.

Pickpockets often work in pairs, and they’re a lot more strategic than simply grabbing a wallet out of your pocket. [Read more…]

Which Spanish City is Among the 10 Most Visited Cities in World?

Have a guess? Which city in Spain is among those Top 10 in the world? Madrid? Barcelona? Seville? The Budgettravel article will tell you… [Read more…]

The Finest Hotels in Spain – Wolds Best Awards from Travel + Leisure Magazine

An interesting article showing Spains finest hotels according  to the annual World’s Best Awards from readers of the Travel + Leisure Magazine.

A truly mouthwatering collection of first class hotels:

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Ryanair cancels 35% of Flights to Madrid and 23% of Flights to Barcelona

Up to 4,500 Spanish jobs will be cut and 648 flights axed per week, with 35% of flights to Madrid cancelled by the Irish airline and 23% of those to Barcelona. [Read more…]

The End of Bullfighting in Catalonia – One Year Later…

Interesting read on the consequences of banning bullfighting in Barcelona and the Catalan region last year.

Bullfighting in Catalonia is now history, after a regional ban, but the beautiful old bullrings have been put to good use by architects and developers.

The ample bullring on Barcelona’s Plaça d’Espanya fell into disrepair in the 1990s. [Read more…]

Looking for the best red wines from Catalonia

Interesting read..


El Penedès, Catalonia’s cava country, is now also home to a range of award-winning red wines. Here’s where to get a taste …

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