Insights On Bilbao Spain – A Travel Guide

An interesting travel guide on the historical and industrial town of Bilbao, Spain. The city is colourful, lively and with plenty of things to do, despite being so industrial.

There are plenty of green spaces, art installations and nice bars and restaurants around the city, where both tourists and locals can be found.

The city’s famous Museo Guggenheim is one of the highlights of any trip and it’s unique architecture is not to be missed.

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Northern Spain Basque Cities – What a Great Mix of Culture

For adventurers who love the water, there’s some good news! You no longer have to pick surfing waves or checking out the culture rich areas of a new country.

San Sebastian is a dream city for surfers, with some of the most beautiful beaches, and you don’t have to go to find the cultural experiences that other surfer hot spots are lacking: it’s the Basque capital and home to pintxos, the Basque version of tapas.

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Sightseeing in Bilbao: The Campo Volantin Footbridge

A great read about the Zubizuri bridge in Bilbao! It’s technically named “the Campo Volantin Bridge” and it’s an architectural work of art; a gorgeous piece of modern infrastructure that draws tourists to Bilbao.

Bilbao has been working on developing their tourism sector, and this bridge is helping do that, as visitors flock to the area to see the bridge. [Read more…]