Enjoy Madrid on the Cheap

This article is full of useful tips to experience Madrid on a tight budget. From restaurant and cafe suggestions it moves on to nightclubs,  bars and then hotels and accommodation ideas (including couch surfing). [Read more…]

The Best Taco in Madrid

This short and funny article is an homage to a particular taco restaurant in Madrid, called Taquería Mi Ciudad. [Read more…]

Madrid Sightseeing Tip – Take a Tour Around the Bernabéu Stadium

Sports enthusiasts across the globe love to watch football, and Real Madrid has been an icon of the sport since 1947, when the new stadium was erected to replace the playing field at Chamartin. [Read more…]

Las Vegas in Spain – New Megaresorts Planned in Madrid and Barcelona

Las Vegas Sands has decided to build a new resort in Madrid, Spain!

This article presents all the fascinating details about a new real estate project that could add 50,000 hotel rooms, and consequently a lot of jobs, to a country plagued by extremely high unemployment rates.

In addition, a wealthy Spanish investor is proceeding with plans to build “BarcelonaWorld,” an amusement park and resort in Barcelona.

Both projects face some problems – it’s difficult to get approved for credit in the Eurozone, and the two resorts will likely prove to be competition for each other. [Read more…]

Experiencing Architectural Diversity and Great Nightlife in Madrid

This article is a fun read for young travelers headed to Spain: a quick overview of some of Spain’s fun activities, including a trip to Toledo.

The post is also full of pictures that showcase Madrid’s gorgeous architectural diversity, and the mix of modern and old throughout the city. She doesn’t gloss over the disappointing parts of her trip, which makes it stand out from other travel pieces that pretend like foreign cities are 100% perfect. [Read more…]

Which Spanish City is Among the 10 Most Visited Cities in World?

Have a guess? Which city in Spain is among those Top 10 in the world? Madrid? Barcelona? Seville? The Budgettravel article will tell you… [Read more…]

The Finest Hotels in Spain – Wolds Best Awards from Travel + Leisure Magazine

An interesting article showing Spains finest hotels according  to the annual World’s Best Awards from readers of the Travel + Leisure Magazine.

A truly mouthwatering collection of first class hotels:

[Read more…]

Ryanair cancels 35% of Flights to Madrid and 23% of Flights to Barcelona

Up to 4,500 Spanish jobs will be cut and 648 flights axed per week, with 35% of flights to Madrid cancelled by the Irish airline and 23% of those to Barcelona. [Read more…]

The Best 5 Places to be on Christmas in Spain

Excellent listing of ideas for your holiday in Spain this Christmas by Carol Byrne:

Well, it is laughable really…all that hassle and the expense of Christmas at home, once the wrapping is ripped from the gifts, the leftover turkey has been put back in the fridge for the next million meals, and the Queen has spoken to the nation, when everyone has fallen out with each other – there’s a feeling of ‘was that it?’. [Read more…]

Hidden Favourite Places in Madrid

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