Terra Natura Park Murcia Gets Exotic Bird Species

Great news from Terra Natura park in Murcia, Spain, as they announce the acquisition of four new bird species for their park today.

The birds include the Yellow crowned Amazon parrot, the Rose-breasted Cockatoo, the African Grey Parrot, and the Cockatiel.

The park now has 12 different species of exotic birds for visitors to enjoy. [Read more…]

Murcia Corvera Airport Update – When Will The Airport Open?

Spanish officials are working hard to open the Corvera airport, but there are a lot of bureaucratic hurdles involved. This article details the problems that those working to open the Corvera airport are facing.

It’s been said that the airport will begin operating in April 2013 (maybe,perhaps.. or whatever), but there are no definitive plans. Right now, officials are in meetings to agree on the particular flight plans and routes for Corvera flights. [Read more…]

New Murcia Tourist Card Launched – Nice Discounts for Tourists

Murcias Council launched the new Murcia Tourist Card.


Murcia Council have announced the launch of the ´Murcia Tourist Card´, offering people visiting or staying in Murcia city discounts at 140 businesses, shops, restaurants and museums. Among other benefits, the card gives [Read more…]

Russian Tourists “invade” Spain

Tourism is a hugely important business for Spain, so the numbers of tourists coming in and out of the country, where they go, what they eat, what type of accommodation they choose, how they travel etc, are all analyzed in detail.

The British are still the biggest market by a long way, representing 24% of the total visitors, or 12.5 million people. The Germans are in second place with 8.4 million,  the French with 8 million, the Nordic countries 3.48 million, Italians 3.2 million and  Dutch 2.33 million. [Read more…]

Murcia The No.1 Producer Of Seedless Table Grapes In Spain

Murcia is a major producer of table grapes and this is one crop which is achieving continued growth, table grape exports in the region increasing by more than 61 percent in the last ten years, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water. [Read more…]