Andalusia 2012 – A Travelogue – part 5 – Seville

This is part 5 of a 7-part travelogue. On this leg of the trip, the writer spent two days in Seville, the capital city of Andalucia.

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Let’s Start Walking… Santiago de Compostella 1000 Kilometres

Accompanied by some stunning pictures that showcase Spanish artistry and architecture, this article is a great insight into what most casually refer to as the camino.

The pilgrimage to Santiago de Composetella is sacred to many Christians, but what you probably didn’t know is that there are many different routes to the burial place of apostle St. James. [Read more…]

A Tale of Passion: Hotel Alfonso XIII In Seville Returned to Glory

Hotel Alfonso XIII is one of Seville’s most beloved icons, and it has finally been restored by a London studio dedicated to specialized interior design.

This is a great article about the restoration process and all of the detail oriented work that went into resurrecting one of Seville’s most deeply cherished icons.

Full of luxurious features, Hotel Alfonso XIII is still full of the Moorish historical details that played a role in its inception. [Read more…]

5 Wonderful Funny Christmas Traditions in Seville

This article is a fun read that delves into Spanish Christmas traditions! The author talks about her personal experiences with Christmas in America, and compares that with the way that Spaniards celebrate the holiday.

I loved reading about the different Santa story- Los Reyes Magos- the three sages who deliver toys to children by riding through the town on a donkey. Talk about more exciting than a fat old man in a suit! She also talks about all of the delicious foods that are common throughout Seville, Spain during Christmastime and the elaborately constructed nativity scenes that are months in the making.

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The Finest Hotels in Spain – Wolds Best Awards from Travel + Leisure Magazine

An interesting article showing Spains finest hotels according  to the annual World’s Best Awards from readers of the Travel + Leisure Magazine.

A truly mouthwatering collection of first class hotels:

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Video Guide about Flamenco Dancers in Seville

In Seville interviews two flamenco dancers, Asa Danielson from Sweden, and Elena Moro Roman, an Australian of Spanish Background. Both have moved to Sevilla to practice flamenco.
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Flamenco and Seville – The perfect Combination

Fantastic article from Brendan Sainsbury about Seville’s Flamenco Dance Culture:

Seville flamenco Spain

Flamenco is in Seville’s blood.

Infusing Spanish folklore with sounds from the Levant, North Africa and India, flamenco music was popularised in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries in western Andalucía. One of its hotbeds was Seville’s working class district of Triana, a bastion of Andalucía’s Roma people who sang evocatively about their lives and struggles in solemn but sensuous laments.

via BBC – Travel – Seville’s legendary flamenco scene : Cultural Activities, Seville.