Travel Guide Video of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain

Visit the beautiful historic city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain through this vivid and colourful video.

Walk the ancient streets, visit the famous squares, markets and churches and gain useful travel information and tips from renowned traveller, Rick Steves. This video gives a great overview of the city in just over 3 minutes, covering everything from the city’s history, to it’s rich cuisine and more.




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Video – Spain Travel Guide For Vigo and Galicia

If you want to experience Spain the way a local does, check out this fun video about Vigo, Spain.

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Travel Skills Video from Rick Steves – A Must Watch!

A fantastic over 1 hour long video from Travel Guru Rick Steves. He shares great inside on traveling not just in Spain but traveling and enjoying the world.

The video is from 2010, but still fully packed with hands-on traveling tips. A “must watch!”

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Video Guide about Flamenco Dancers in Seville

In Seville interviews two flamenco dancers, Asa Danielson from Sweden, and Elena Moro Roman, an Australian of Spanish Background. Both have moved to Sevilla to practice flamenco.
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Valencia – Video about Changes To local Farming Villages

Benimaclet was a farming village on the outskirts of Valencia. As Valencia grows, one history replaces another. Alberto Cuesta, a scientist discusses the changes occurring in his Benimaclet neighborhood. [Read more…]