How Spain Is Trying To Save Its Tourism Industry

This article provides an analysis of the economic problems facing the Spanish tourist industry, and the measures being taken by tour guides and businesses to deal with the problems.

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Las Vegas in Spain – New Megaresorts Planned in Madrid and Barcelona

Las Vegas Sands has decided to build a new resort in Madrid, Spain!

This article presents all the fascinating details about a new real estate project that could add 50,000 hotel rooms, and consequently a lot of jobs, to a country plagued by extremely high unemployment rates.

In addition, a wealthy Spanish investor is proceeding with plans to build “BarcelonaWorld,” an amusement park and resort in Barcelona.

Both projects face some problems – it’s difficult to get approved for credit in the Eurozone, and the two resorts will likely prove to be competition for each other. [Read more…]

A 6.4% Hike in Tourism in Spain – Wow!

Great news for the Spanish tourism industry, as spending by tourists has increase dramatically for the year 2012.

The study below goes into great detail on how much money has been spent, where it has been spent and how it compares to other European countries.

While tourist spending in other countries has decreased, Spain has continued to increase its income from the tourism industry, with Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Andalusia seeing the biggest increases in profit. [Read more…]

The Salt Lakes of Torrevieja Boost Tourism

Did you know that wet salt extraction is only found in areas like Torrevieja, Spain?

It’s a totally unique way of processing salt and the entire industry almost ground to a halt over a leasing dispute.

Luckily, this article reveals that a leasing agreement was signed in November that will continue salt production until at least 2039. Torrevieja is nicknamed “the City of Salt,” and this leasing agreement means that for the first time, visitors will be able to watch this unique salt extraction process. [Read more…]

Spanish Hotel Chain Parador To Lay of 14 % Of Its Workforce

With the drastic economic downturn in Spain, every business is doing what it can in order to outlast the recession. Hotel chains are often worse off than other businesses, because their livelihood depends on high consumer spending. Hotel occupancy is wavering at about 52%, far less than the normal numbers.

This article talks about the Parador hotel chain, which has developed a new plan to survive the recession. [Read more…]

Spain – Tourism Grows over 6%

Tourism in Spain has risen 6.4% since last year, which is amazing considering Spain’s economic crisis!

The tourism industry in Spain reached 49,866 billion euros in 2012 (excepting November and December), a number that is continuing to rise.

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Which Spanish City is Among the 10 Most Visited Cities in World?

Have a guess? Which city in Spain is among those Top 10 in the world? Madrid? Barcelona? Seville? The Budgettravel article will tell you… [Read more…]

The Recession in Spain and How it affects the Costa del Sol

Excellent Assessment of the current recession in Spain and how it effects the Costa del Sol area in particular. Great article by Giles Brown

UNLESS you have been living on Planet Fluffy for the past seven years, or are a newly arrived Russian Trillionaire, you might have noticed that we are in the middle of something of an economic crisis at the moment.

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Iberia On Strike During Holidays

This article is a great piece of journalism that investigates the situation surrounding Spanish airline Iberia. Ground and cabin crews are planning a strike in December to protest 4,500 proposed job cuts.

Workers have planned the strike for December because it will have the largest impact on the holiday travel season. [Read more…]

Russian Tourists “invade” Spain

Tourism is a hugely important business for Spain, so the numbers of tourists coming in and out of the country, where they go, what they eat, what type of accommodation they choose, how they travel etc, are all analyzed in detail.

The British are still the biggest market by a long way, representing 24% of the total visitors, or 12.5 million people. The Germans are in second place with 8.4 million,  the French with 8 million, the Nordic countries 3.48 million, Italians 3.2 million and  Dutch 2.33 million. [Read more…]

The End of Bullfighting in Catalonia – One Year Later…

Interesting read on the consequences of banning bullfighting in Barcelona and the Catalan region last year.

Bullfighting in Catalonia is now history, after a regional ban, but the beautiful old bullrings have been put to good use by architects and developers.

The ample bullring on Barcelona’s Plaça d’Espanya fell into disrepair in the 1990s. [Read more…]

The Best 5 Places to be on Christmas in Spain

Excellent listing of ideas for your holiday in Spain this Christmas by Carol Byrne:

Well, it is laughable really…all that hassle and the expense of Christmas at home, once the wrapping is ripped from the gifts, the leftover turkey has been put back in the fridge for the next million meals, and the Queen has spoken to the nation, when everyone has fallen out with each other – there’s a feeling of ‘was that it?’. [Read more…]

How to best deal with Holidays that suck?

In October, the European Court decided that, under this regulation, passengers are sometimes able to claim compensation not only for cancelled flights but also for those delayed by more than three hours. Payouts can be significant: up to €600 (around £480) a head. [Read more…]


Spanish Minister for Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria