Enjoy Madrid on the Cheap

This article is full of useful tips to experience Madrid on a tight budget. From restaurant and cafe suggestions it moves on to nightclubs,  bars and then hotels and accommodation ideas (including couch surfing). [Read more…]

Starting New Route March 2013 – London Heathrow to Palma Mallorca Flights With Vueling

Exciting news from London as Vueling Airlines announces new daily flights to Palma Mallorca from London Heathrow, as well as new Barcelona-Gatwick flights launching in time for summer.

This is great news for anyone who regularly flies to Spain, whether it is [Read more…]

Ryanair’s New Routes From Nuremberg To Alicante and Malaga

The low cost Irish airline Ryanair has announced that six new routes will be starting from the German city of Nuremberg in March 2013.

The routes are Alicante, Cagliari, London, Malaga, Pisa and Porto, and Ryanair celebrated the announcement with a seat sale with prices starting at 12 euros across its European network. [Read more…]

Local Business Look forwart to New Vueling Flights from Heathrow to Mallorca

With the recent exciting announcement, from Vueling airlines, of daily flights from London Heathrow to Mallorca, local businesses on the island are happy for the new business prospects that the service will provide, in the coming summer months.

Local business woman Joanne Henson, the new Director of Balearic Discovery, the islands leading travel service, is especially excited for the potential business growth that these new daily flights provide.

Flights from London Heathrow to Palma de Mallorca, provides great potential to increase business-class visitors and higher end clients. [Read more…]

Travel Cheaper around Spain and Europe: Eurail Group Special Discounts on Various Railway Passes

This article is a great and informative read! Eurail passes are great buys because a user can access 23 European countries with a Eurail Global Pass. Eurail has launched a special discount: 20% off of the cost of either a Eurail Global or Eurail Select pass.

This is a great opportunity to subsidize the cost of travelling across Spain and Europe. [Read more…]

New Tax on Rental Cars in Mallorca – Well at least it’s called a “Green Tax”

Interesting way of inventing a new tax. Let’s call it “green” or “environmental” and here we go.

The Spanish government have announced a new ‘green tax’ which will directly affect tourism and car hire in Mallorca. The rate of tax charged will be scaled according [Read more…]

Alicante Airport and the Air Bridge Battle with Ryanair – An Update

A large controversy over Aena flights in Spain continues to escalate. Aena flights in Spain were shut down after officials refused to give into their demand that all flights embark via air-bridges in Alicante Airport’s newest terminal.

Aena insisted on this for safety reasons, and Ryanair shut down Aena flights in the area. As this row drags out and affects those flying in and out of the area, it’s worth reading this article to learn about the possible changes to incoming and outgoing flights. [Read more…]

Spain – Tourism Grows over 6%

Tourism in Spain has risen 6.4% since last year, which is amazing considering Spain’s economic crisis!

The tourism industry in Spain reached 49,866 billion euros in 2012 (excepting November and December), a number that is continuing to rise.

[Read more…]

Murcia Corvera Airport Update – When Will The Airport Open?

Spanish officials are working hard to open the Corvera airport, but there are a lot of bureaucratic hurdles involved. This article details the problems that those working to open the Corvera airport are facing.

It’s been said that the airport will begin operating in April 2013 (maybe,perhaps.. or whatever), but there are no definitive plans. Right now, officials are in meetings to agree on the particular flight plans and routes for Corvera flights. [Read more…]

Monarch Airlines Will Fly to Almeria from Manchester Starting May 2013

Monarch Airlines, U.K. based airline, will start flying to Almeria from Manchester starting May 2013.

The company announced that flights to Almeria will operate twice a week starting on 4 May 2013 and went on sale on Friday 16 November 2012. [Read more…]

Ryanair starts charging 2% credit card fee on all flights

Ryanair in the news again… and again not good news. When will they ever become a customer friendly company?…

Ryanair passengers face yet another charge for the privilege of booking from later this week. The budget airline will force customers to pay a 2% credit card fee from Friday, adding £2 to a £100 booking.

[Read more…]

Iberia On Strike During Holidays

This article is a great piece of journalism that investigates the situation surrounding Spanish airline Iberia. Ground and cabin crews are planning a strike in December to protest 4,500 proposed job cuts.

Workers have planned the strike for December because it will have the largest impact on the holiday travel season. [Read more…]

Ryanair cancels 35% of Flights to Madrid and 23% of Flights to Barcelona

Up to 4,500 Spanish jobs will be cut and 648 flights axed per week, with 35% of flights to Madrid cancelled by the Irish airline and 23% of those to Barcelona. [Read more…]

How to best deal with Holidays that suck?

In October, the European Court decided that, under this regulation, passengers are sometimes able to claim compensation not only for cancelled flights but also for those delayed by more than three hours. Payouts can be significant: up to €600 (around £480) a head. [Read more…]

EasyJet to team up with Paradores Hotels in Spain

easyJet, one of the no-frills carriers that ha...

easyJet, the UK based airline, is partnering with Spanish hotel brand, the Paradores de Turismo de Espana, for its website visitors. In one of the first collaborations of its kind, the airline website will be featuring a collection of 94 of the Paradores brand’s individual properties. [Read more…]