Catalonian Pyrenees – Here is Your Important Packing List

For some travelers, packing is a difficult task when they get to take three huge suitcases and stay in posh hotels.

For this writer and editor, backpacking is the way to see the Spanish Pyrenees, and she gives us some excellent tips for packing for the diverse activities available in the Pyrenees.

Cool travel additions like water resistant envelopes to store your passport, IDs, and tickets in seem like really wise choices for international travel, and now they’re field tested! [Read more…]

Travel Skills Video from Rick Steves – A Must Watch!

A fantastic over 1 hour long video from Travel Guru Rick Steves. He shares great inside on traveling not just in Spain but traveling and enjoying the world.

The video is from 2010, but still fully packed with hands-on traveling tips. A “must watch!”

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