Where locals hit the water in southern Spain

Insider knowledge is brought to the forefront here in this useful guide of where to find the best beaches and places to swim in Andalucia, that are off the beaten track or only known to the locals. [Read more…]

More Sightseeing Attractions In Cordoba

A day in Cordoba, Spain, seen through the eyes of two travellers.

They take us through the stunning, Muslim mosque of Mezquita, with its Islamic architecture and Christian influence, to the colourful and sunny streets of La Juderia, a Jewish area of the city.

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Horse Riding in Spain – A Tour Guide

Andalucía is known for its gorgeous coastline, but its pristine sands are home to more than just idle sunbathers: it’s the perfect locale for a Spanish horseback ride.

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How to Avoid the Crowd at La Rambla in Barcelona

If you’ve been to Barcelona or you’re planning a trip, you’re probably aware that La Rambla is a huge attraction for most visitors.

This article provides some useful and intriguing tips for avoiding the massive crowds found at La Rambla and truly embracing the Spanish lifestyle.

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British Are The Largest Buyers Around The Costa

These are two short articles about the Spanish property market.

The first one suggests that British cash buyers aged between 40 and 55 form the majority of foreign non-resident buyers of Spanish property on the Costa Blanca. [Read more…]

Madrid Sightseeing Tip – Take a Tour Around the Bernabéu Stadium

Sports enthusiasts across the globe love to watch football, and Real Madrid has been an icon of the sport since 1947, when the new stadium was erected to replace the playing field at Chamartin. [Read more…]

Discovering Barcelona With 2 Teens


This article is a wonderful snapshot of some of the things that Barcelona has to offer, and it’s written from a unique perspective: a traveler with two teens.

A city that has truly stood the test of time, parent and teens were able to find enjoyable experiences and common ground in Barcelona, visiting some truly amazing architectural masterpieces like Gaudí’s standout church, La Sagrada Familia. [Read more…]

Starting New Route March 2013 – London Heathrow to Palma Mallorca Flights With Vueling

Exciting news from London as Vueling Airlines announces new daily flights to Palma Mallorca from London Heathrow, as well as new Barcelona-Gatwick flights launching in time for summer.

This is great news for anyone who regularly flies to Spain, whether it is [Read more…]

Castells A Fascinating Spanish Tradition

This article is a fascinating introduction to a quirky Spanish tradition: castells. Called castells by the villages that construct them, these are vertical towers of villagers.

That’s right- vertical. As you can imagine, this tradition takes a lot of work, and villages are often competitive when constructing their castells. Castellers have a motto: strength, balance, courage and common sense.

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Paella Valenciana – Food to Die For in Valencia

Valencia is known for a lot of things. Probably most important is its reputation as the origin of paella, the wonderful seafood dish we have all come to love.

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Ryanair’s New Routes From Nuremberg To Alicante and Malaga

The low cost Irish airline Ryanair has announced that six new routes will be starting from the German city of Nuremberg in March 2013.

The routes are Alicante, Cagliari, London, Malaga, Pisa and Porto, and Ryanair celebrated the announcement with a seat sale with prices starting at 12 euros across its European network. [Read more…]

Traveling the Different Way – Fiesta Del Mosto in Colmenar

Colmenar (originally named Colmena de Abeja) is a city known for its luxurious honey production… and the Festival of Grape Must and Pork Produce!

This article talks about one of the most decadent Spanish festivals full of pork products like Jamón and peppered meat products, homemade honey from the region, and delicious wines. Because Colmenar is a small town, it’s unlikely that you know where to stay off the top of your head. [Read more…]

Watching a Spanish Bullfight with the Locals

Bull fights aren’t for those afraid of the heat, but they are for those travelers who want to enjoy every possible aspect of their stay in Spain. This article is an entertaining, first hand account of a traveler’s visit to a bull fight on a Friday afternoon.

Full of Spanish spectators who consider this a relatively normal occurrence and tourists who are shocked at the process, you simply can’t miss a bull fight.

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Let’s Start Walking… Santiago de Compostella 1000 Kilometres

Accompanied by some stunning pictures that showcase Spanish artistry and architecture, this article is a great insight into what most casually refer to as the camino.

The pilgrimage to Santiago de Composetella is sacred to many Christians, but what you probably didn’t know is that there are many different routes to the burial place of apostle St. James. [Read more…]

Running With The Bulls In Spain

If you’re visiting Spain for a quiet adventure, Pamplona is not the place for you. If you love the adrenaline rush of a dangerous adventure, running with the bulls in Pamplona is a once-in-a-lifetime experienced that is truly unparalleled.

This is a great article that gives you some (potentially life-saving) tips about the best strategies for planning your run with the bulls. [Read more…]