Ryanair’s New Routes From Nuremberg To Alicante and Malaga

The low cost Irish airline Ryanair has announced that six new routes will be starting from the German city of Nuremberg in March 2013.

The routes are Alicante, Cagliari, London, Malaga, Pisa and Porto, and Ryanair celebrated the announcement with a seat sale with prices starting at 12 euros across its European network.

This news should make it much easier for travellers to hop easily and cheaply between some of Europe’s most beautiful cities including the Spanish tourist hotspots of Alicante on the eastern coast in Valencia, and Malaga on the Costa del Sol in Andalucia.

The 20 flights per week should sustain 280,000 passengers per year on these new routes as well as creating over 280 jobs at Nuremberg airport.

Source : www.ryanair.com

 photo by: David Precious